Effiency to Landtek Oy’s operations with expert marketing

Landtek Oy is a Finnish supplier of steel-framed PVC tarpaulinhalls. Landtek Oy has been a successful supplier of efficient and reasonably priced cover and warehousing solutions for more than a decade.

The goal of our partnership was to streamline Display and SEO Marketing on Google and test the effectiveness of Facebook marketing. One of our goals was to make the company’s marketing more cohesive and cyclical. The first step in our partnership was to review and optimize existing accounts and ads. We featured Landtek tarpaulinhalls with more personalized ads and better keywords. With Google and Facebook marketing, we reached out to potential customers really comprehensively from the channels they spend their time on.

Our goals and steps for digital marketing were:

  • Identify and redo their ads. We introduced the most relevant keywords and rewrote the ads.
  • Improving remarketing. Individual category ads for website visitors and video viewers.
  • Targeted Facebook marketing for cold and warm audiences.
  • Continuous development proposal and optimization.

Landtek has an online store, but most of their stores are generated by phone call or other contact after a quote request. Our goal was to generate more leads for sale and build awareness of Landtek for people looking for tarpaulinhalls. Already in the first month we got good results. We lowered the average CPC by 60% and brought in 120% more leads through ads. Through the ads we created, we received more than 5,000 more visitors to the company’s website.

Ideally started with an enthusiastic attitude to further develop some of our company’s marketing. The results have been very good. Advertising is more refreshing and up-to-date, and our visibility has clearly increased, and e.g. Click prices for our Google ads have dropped significantly. Thank you Lari, it’s good to continue with this!

Risto Inna, Management, Landtek Oy

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*Amounts are indicative estimates collected from several data points.