Idea Team - Your Fractional Marketing Team

Many business leaders dream of recruiting a multidisciplinary expert with all the latest knowledge and skills — at the lowest possible cost. What if you could finally fulfill this dream and have an entire growth team with all the essential know-how in the industry with only a fraction of the cost of recruiting?


We create growth regardless of industry

“We recommend marketing services from Ideally to almost everyone, from small businesses to larger ones. Especially for start-ups, Ideally’s help is invaluable. The service is close to people and communication is effortless. Marketing with them is not as mythical and difficult as anyone might imagine.”
“The Ideally has kicked us forward, bringing good development to our own design work as well, and has really done a lot in our online store from design to implementation.”
“Collaborating with Ideally has been easy, and what is important to me is that they are in close contact with their own customers. The great results were also a very positive surprise. If you need a competent, young and effective partner for digital marketing, I highly recommend Ideally, thank you!”
“Ideally managed to implement just the kind of online store we wanted. In fact, it even surprised us a little bit how well all the promises of the Ideally finally came true. The dudes did a great job! ”
“The collaboration with Ideally soon started to produce results and brought much-needed planning to the work. With Ideally, our operations have evolved in a more strategic direction and we now get noticed and belong better. People can find us now more easily. This would not have been possible without immediate and effective collaboration with Ideally. We look forward to working with Idea in the future as well.”
“Campaigns made with Ideally have helped us a lot. We have gained new customers and our awareness has increased in the region.”
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Build your Idea Team

The Idea Team is a service that gives you access to our entire team of experts at a fixed monthly price. Whether you need social media content, shooting video, developing websites or mining online store data, Idea Team will help!

“Ideally is well versed in both our company, us and our industry. They have good ideas and tools for our marketing needs. Monthly appointments are nice and really important. Reviewing goals and results together on a regular basis helps to structure the work done and design new marketing strategies. Previously, we collaborated with a larger marketing company and the results were poor. A couple of phone calls a month wasn’t enough at all. Lari thinks about what’s best for the company and is ready to always try new ways creatively!”

– Anna Tuomela, entrepreneur, Papurino Oy

All our experts for the price of one

You can get access to our entire team without thousands of euros of side costs. All the money goes straight to productive work!

Knowledge in lots of different verticals

Do you need a print ad in the morning, setting UTM parameters in the afternoon, e-commerce automations at lunch and data mining as afterwork? We’ll take care of it!

One month notice period - no strings attached!

If our relationship doesn’t work out, no worries! You can get rid of your contract in just one month.

Just like your internal marketing team

Our goal is always to integrate into your workflow so well that we act like an in-house team, perhaps even better.

We also work with many other tools, as the multichannel approach usually works best

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The monthly fee  includes the following:

  • Own communication environment for quick messaging
  • Weekly reports
  • Own number for the call system (Aircall, LeadDesk)
  • Monthly meeting
  • Creation of lists according to the customer profile
  • Team: SDR team, Account Manager and Sales Assistant

Price of one appointment: You only pay for completed appointments.

Our contracts always have a one-day notice period.

*Amounts are indicative estimates collected from several data points.

SDR: Sales Development Representative. Responsible for contacting and arranging meetings.

SDR manager: A person who is responsible for the SDR team and the business intelligence team. Leads, manages, sets goals and develops the whole operations.

Business intelligence:  The person responsible for doing the “back office”. Creates contact lists and is responsible for implementing the technical side and reporting.

Recruitment cost: A one-time payment for the costs associated with hiring a new person.

Software: Software costs for the contact lists and the tools used for the contact itself.

*Amounts are indicative estimates collected from several data points.