Outsource your marketing to a fractional marketing team

Many business leaders dream of recruiting a multidisciplinary expert with all the latest knowledge and skills – at the lowest possible cost. What if you could finally fulfill this dream and have an entire marketing team with all the essential know-how in the industry with only a fraction of the cost of recruiting? You can get all this by hiring our fractional marketing team!

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Multichannel marketing is one of the key factors in modern marketing.

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Idea Team

Idea Team is our core marketing service, that allows you to use our entire team of experts for your marketing at a fixed monthly cost. Whether you need social media content, video content, website development or even e-commerce data mining, our team helps you to turn your marketing plans into actions and create real growth.

We create growth regardless in any industry

Creating value to 4business and their customers through multi-channel marketing automation
CRM installation and brand renewal provided a solid foundation for Lavonia's growth
Growth for the Ecofurn Store's online store through the introduction of organic channels
Target group mapping and retargeting of social media marketing created a good growth platform for Papurino
"Ideally ratkaisi suurimmat haasteemme liittyen verkkokaupan ja toiminnanohjausjärjestelmän integraatioon"​
"Advertising is more refreshing and up to date. Our visibility has clearly increased."​
Country White
A new online store and influencer marketing brought growth to the interior design business Country White
"Ideally managed to implement just the kind of online store we wanted. In fact, it even surprised us a little bit how well all the promises Ideally made came true."
Optikko Kivinen
Remarketing and well-planned campaign work brought recognition for Optikko Kivinen from Hämeenlinna
Target group and industry mapping have helped Sporttimekka to grow
Pianto Oy
A mobile application, new website and order system were significant steps for Pianto Oy
Suomen Ylijäämävarasto
“We recommed marketing services from Ideally to almost everyone, from small businesses to larger ones. Especially for start-ups Ideally's help is invaluable."
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Optikko Kivinen
Silmäsairaala Valo

Start your growth journey with Inbound today.

Starting at 2000€/mo

Ideally Marketing - Unlock your potential

The monthly fee  includes the following:

  • Own communication environment for quick messaging
  • Weekly reports
  • Own number for the call system (Aircall, LeadDesk)
  • Monthly meeting
  • Creation of lists according to the customer profile
  • Team: SDR team, Account Manager and Sales Assistant

Price of one appointment: You only pay for completed appointments.

Our contracts always have a one-day notice period.

*Amounts are indicative estimates collected from several data points.

SDR: Sales Development Representative. Responsible for contacting and arranging meetings.

SDR manager: A person who is responsible for the SDR team and the business intelligence team. Leads, manages, sets goals and develops the whole operations.

Business intelligence:  The person responsible for doing the “back office”. Creates contact lists and is responsible for implementing the technical side and reporting.

Recruitment cost: A one-time payment for the costs associated with hiring a new person.

Software: Software costs for the contact lists and the tools used for the contact itself.

*Amounts are indicative estimates collected from several data points.