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You can scale your company’s online store and generate revenue 24/7, with high-quality and purposeful online shopping.

At Ideally, we implement modern websites that support your business and serve your company’s growth in a tailor-made manner. Fill out our survey or contact us and we will be able to chart out your needs!

Shopify - Next Generation Ecommerce

Shopify is an e-commerce solution that makes ecommerce easy and hassle-free. The world’s most popular cloud-based and cloud-hosted ecommerce platform offers limitless scalability.

Shopify is and has been on the cutting edge of development and is evolving as the popularity of global ecommerce grows. More than 1.7 million online retailers already trust Shopify, including some of the worlds biggest retailers.

We are a Shopify trusted partner, and provide everything you need to build and grow a successful Shopify online store!

Shopify partners

Ecommerce - Untangled!

Shopify includes a tremendous amount of different development opportunities, and as the store grows, your business won’t have to look for a new platform.

At Ideally, we will support your business in everything from the design of your online store to generating revenue and beyond. We make everything as easy as possible for the online retailer, from start to finish.

Why Choose Shopify?

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The monthly fee  includes the following:

  • Own communication environment for quick messaging
  • Weekly reports
  • Own number for the call system (Aircall, LeadDesk)
  • Monthly meeting
  • Creation of lists according to the customer profile
  • Team: SDR team, Account Manager and Sales Assistant

Price of one appointment: You only pay for completed appointments.

Our contracts always have a one-day notice period.

*Amounts are indicative estimates collected from several data points.

SDR: Sales Development Representative. Responsible for contacting and arranging meetings.

SDR manager: A person who is responsible for the SDR team and the business intelligence team. Leads, manages, sets goals and develops the whole operations.

Business intelligence:  The person responsible for doing the “back office”. Creates contact lists and is responsible for implementing the technical side and reporting.

Recruitment cost: A one-time payment for the costs associated with hiring a new person.

Software: Software costs for the contact lists and the tools used for the contact itself.

*Amounts are indicative estimates collected from several data points.