SMS marketing services is an effective and fast way to reach customers

SMS marketing service is an effective way to market a company’s products and services and is suitable for businesses of all sizes. The best features of SMS campaigns are low cost, speed and reach. Read more about Ideally’s SMS marketing campaigns below.

Why would you use text messaging for marketing?

SMS campaigns are proven to be effective and fast ways to reach customers and get them to work the way you want. Text messages are usually read without exception: Their opening rate is staggering compared to other channels such as Snapchat or Facebook! With the right targeting and a well-written message, you are guaranteed to reach the right audience and achieve the desired goals. An SMS campaign can be created as a one-time or continuous marketing campaign, such as a weekly marketing campaign.

SMS advertising

SMS marketing services can be personalized just like email marketing: the customer is guaranteed to enjoy the birthday offer or the additional offer based on the previous purchase!

When you do SMS or email marketing, your target audience is already engaged because the message will only be sent to those who have granted a marketing authorization. So the recipient of your text message is already your customer or at least interested in the customer relationship.

SMS advertising can be used for more than just advertising: to increase brand visibility or to improve the quality of customer service in the form of a survey.

With SMS advertising services, you can reach virtually any customer who has a phone. The phone goes everywhere – an offer that arrives in the customer’s pocket on time is one of the most effective marketing tools.

As #1 SMS advertising company for our customers, we offer a reliable and dependable program for building and editing a customer list, creating and sending messages.

The SMS marketing offered by Ideally supports all continents: with us you reach customers internationally.

SMS marketing can be used for more than just advertising: to increase brand visibility or to improve the quality of customer service in the form of a survey.

Top 4 Tips for planning an SMS Marketing Campaign:

1. Keep the message short

The maximum length of the message is 160 characters. SMS is, as the name implies, a very short message – keep your marketing message simple.

2. Use keywords

Use keywords that make your message more effective “Sale” “Only for our regular customers” “Today -20%”.

3. Add CTA to the message

Add an action prompt to your message, ie direct the customer to the action: “Show offer at checkout”, “Read more at”, “Visit our office”.

4. Send the text message at the right time

Message scheduling is one of the most important features of a campaign. By scheduling your message at the right time, you will reach your customers more confidently.

The results of the SMS campaigns have met and even exceeded the goals!

Ideally’s SMS marketing services experts will build a targeted and effective campaign for your business from start to finish.

Are you interested in SMS marketing?

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The monthly fee  includes the following:

  • Own communication environment for quick messaging
  • Weekly reports
  • Own number for the call system (Aircall, LeadDesk)
  • Monthly meeting
  • Creation of lists according to the customer profile
  • Team: SDR team, Account Manager and Sales Assistant

Price of one appointment: You only pay for completed appointments.

Our contracts always have a one-day notice period.

*Amounts are indicative estimates collected from several data points.

SDR: Sales Development Representative. Responsible for contacting and arranging meetings.

SDR manager: A person who is responsible for the SDR team and the business intelligence team. Leads, manages, sets goals and develops the whole operations.

Business intelligence:  The person responsible for doing the “back office”. Creates contact lists and is responsible for implementing the technical side and reporting.

Recruitment cost: A one-time payment for the costs associated with hiring a new person.

Software: Software costs for the contact lists and the tools used for the contact itself.

*Amounts are indicative estimates collected from several data points.