Snapchat advertising

Why choose Snapchat for your next marketing channel?

If you’re targeting younger people, Snapchat is your channel. When you talk about yourself, your business, your products, and your services right where your most potential customers are and yet in an identifiable way, everyone benefits.

What works best in the Snapchat?

At Snapchat, marketing videos are more approachable as well as more humane, connecting you to the right people at lightning speed, entertaining or informing. In addition to this, Snapchat marketing is still relatively cost effective.

Why customers choose Ideally for their Snapchat marketing agency?

We are #1 snapchat marketing company for our clients because we offer measurable results, continuous reporting, and we take care of our customers and do our work purposefully and efficiently. We deliver growth with an idea.

We create growth with snapchat advertising services regardless of industry

“We recommend marketing services from Ideally to almost everyone, from small businesses to larger ones. Especially for start-ups, Ideally’s help is invaluable. The service is close to people and communication is effortless. Marketing with them is not as mythical and difficult as anyone might imagine.”
“The Ideally has kicked us forward, bringing good development to our own design work as well, and has really done a lot in our online store from design to implementation.”
“Collaborating with Ideally has been easy, and what is important to me is that they are in close contact with their own customers. The great results were also a very positive surprise. If you need a competent, young and effective partner for digital marketing, I highly recommend Ideally, thank you!”
“Ideally managed to implement just the kind of online store we wanted. In fact, it even surprised us a little bit how well all the promises of the Ideally finally came true. The dudes did a great job! ”
“The collaboration with Ideally soon started to produce results and brought much-needed planning to the work. With Ideally, our operations have evolved in a more strategic direction and we now get noticed and belong better. People can find us now more easily. This would not have been possible without immediate and effective collaboration with Ideally. We look forward to working with Idea in the future as well.”
“Campaigns made with Ideally have helped us a lot. We have gained new customers and our awareness has increased in the region.”

Wide circulation

Facebook is the most used social media channel in the world and with almost 3 billion users worldwide. Because the platform is the largest, it naturally also has a lot of users to target marketing and make your products or services visible to other people in various ad formats from images to videos.


Facebook has one of the most powerful algorithms on the market that allows you to effectively target marketing with different parameters from location to behavior. Wondering why you are getting ads from the same brand you visited? It’s thanks to the Facebook pixel.

Monitoring of results

Facebook marketing results are really easy to track with an ad management tool. You can see if you got the best trade from stories ads or headline ads. You will also be able to effectively see on which devices the purchase was made, the amount of money you invested has generated money in light of conversions.

Testing and development

Facebook advertising also makes sense from a development perspective. We will be able to see exactly which measure works and which does not. For example, we can test: Which ad gets the best clickthrough rate, what kind of ad gets your customer’s attention, and really many other things. Because of this, we know what aspects of advertising need to be developed in order to get better results.


Usein kysyttyjä kysymyksiä Facebook-markkinointiin liittyen

Voidaan lähteä liikkeelle oletuksesta että kyllä sopii! Meidän kokemuksemme mukaan Facebook mainonta on erittäin tehokas tapa kasvattaa yrityksesi tunnettuutta kohderymäsi keskuudessa sekä myös saada suoria konversioita, riippumatta siitä haluatko lisää yhteydenottoja tai ostoksia verkkokaupasta.

Facebook mainonnan klikkaushinnat (CPC) alkavat 0,01 eurosta, klikkihintojen vaihtelu riippuu mainosten laadun lisäksi myös yrityksesi toimialasta sekä kohderyhmästä.

Tyypillisesti B2B mainonnassa CPC asettuu 0,15-2,0€ välille, kun taas B2C mainonnassa voidaan tyypillisesti päästä 0,05-1,50€ haarukkaan. Mikäli markkinointibudjettisi olisi 600€ kuukaudessa voit saada keskimäärin 900 klikkausta mainoksillesi.

Mikäli et löytänyt kysymyksenne vastausta niin ole rohkeasti yhteydessä meihin niin jutellaan lisää!

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Recruitment cost: A one-time payment for the costs associated with hiring a new person.

Software: Software costs for the contact lists and the tools used for the contact itself.

*Amounts are indicative estimates collected from several data points.