Target group and industry mapping have helped Sporttimekka to grow

Sporttimekka is an Hämeenlinna-based online supplement for nutrition and fitness equipment and a gym. In the selection of the Sporttimekka online store, you will find sports nutrition, food supplements, superfoods and other health and leisure products. In addition, Sporttimekka offers a diverse selection of training equipment and clothing. Sporttimekka’s selection also includes gym equipment and supplies for maintaining overall health and well-being. At Sporttimekka you will find exclusive high-quality Fortix Nutrition supplements and accessories. Sporttimekka has been cooperating with Ideally since spring 2019.

The goal of our cooperation was to promote Sporttimekka’s brand more effectively and to make social media marketing more efficient and productive. We also wanted to add planning and an efficient base to the marketing of the company, as Sporttimekka has two clear businesses: a gym and an online store selling supplements. We started by optimizing all of Sporttimekka’s social media accounts and doing an accurate mapping of the target group. At the same time, we became thoroughly acquainted with the industry and its principles. Once we found the right audiences, we launched carefully planned campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Google.


Our goals and steps for digital marketing were:

  • Finding target groups with different tools
  • Building remarketing and email marketing into the company’s marketing as a whole
  • Utilization of the customer register
  • Implementing carefully planned campaigns
  • Implementing well-targeted social media and Google marketing
  • Continuous marketing development as part of a marketing service


We achieved Sporttimekka’s marketing goals and the development of e-commerce is still ongoing with us. During our partnership, Sporttimekka’s online store has achieved e.g. best monthly sales. The worst sales month of previous years, in cooperation with us, became the best of the company. We managed to increase e-commerce traffic by up to 216% and e-commerce sales by 75%. We accomplished this with good marketing and planning to accomplish this.


“Sporttimekka has been cooperating with Ideally since spring 2019. In practice, this has meant that Ideally has taken care of marketing our company online. The products marketed have been our online store, our gym and our supplement store.

We have been pleased with the cooperation, through which we have gained visibility and increased our turnover. Ideally has been flexible and rich in ideas. The campaigns they have designed have been cost effective.

We can recommend the company to others who want a service that takes the company’s needs into account in marketing. ”


Simo Bogdanoff, entrepreneur, Sporttimekka

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*Amounts are indicative estimates collected from several data points.